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A non-profit conference

The ambition for this conference is to create a sustainable foundation to host a bi-annually conference about psychedelic science.

This event will mark the beginning of psychedelic science as an important scientific field in the nordic countries.

The numbers

  • 350 sold tickets

  • 350 sold tickets

  • 350 sold tickets

The organizers

Nordic Psychedelic Science Conference is hosted by the association Norwegian Psychedelic Science (NPV). NPV is a non-profit organization run by academics and researchers within the field of psychedelic science in Norway.

Our mission is to enhance scientific inquiry into psychedelic substances and their clinical potential as well as create a network of healthcare workers, academics and scientists interested in psychedelic science. Learn more about us at

The conference is hosted in partnership with the research team PsykForsk at Sykehuset Østfold and our associated organizations in Sweden and Denmark.

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